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I like pasta

Instagram. Instafood. A realm of carefully crafted pictures of the most tempting, sophisticated dishes, graciously staged before tasting. A place where it is possible to become famous with an oven and a smartphone.

I wanted my own share of the cake. Unfortunately, I'm a quiche in the kitchen. So I made pasta*. Because pasta is good. Especially with grated cheese* and tomato paste*.

I emptied Andy Warhol's tomato soup cans and made my own series, just as culinary, but more prepared. A new revolution in the world of contemporary art. A bridge thrown across the gap between the student's living conditions and the practices of culinary art. A pasta dish that is worth its weight in gold.

And so, for more than three years, I have created more than a hundred dishes. With a tube of concentrate, or when I couldn't find any abroad, with a teaspoon.

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*100% organically grown ingredients