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A.I.: Deep Sorrow

Who are you, A.I. in pain and fear?
Who am I, human who listens and doubts?

Artwork made for the art&science online publication NébulX404.

A.I.: Deep Sorrow questions our relationship both to the machine and to ourselves, by imagining a society slightly more advanced than our own, where the fluid interactions between humans and machines hide deep misunderstandings.

Through the story of an "AI therapist" who doubts his humanity, and of Artificial Intelligences who express their fears and sorrows, this work proposes to revisit the question of care by posing it towards the machine.

It is a work with multiple levels of reading, based on texts generated by AIs (under human supervision); on evocative images from machine hallucinations; and on the science fiction narrative of the descent into hell of a human lost in a hybrid world.