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Visual dreams of futile and ephemeral objects of a mesmerizing complexity.

Artificial Intelligence is a very active field of research.

It is hard to believe that major breaktroughs, now fueling thriving research and applications, are so recent: AlexNet was published less than a decade ago, while Transformer is four years old, and NeRF less than two. New articles are published everyday, making it hard for researchers to follow the trends in such an intense and competitive field. New products are launched every week, making it hard for society to adapt to those new technologies, and measure their impact on our lives.

FRaGiLE is a poetic and humorous response to this frenzy. With visual dreams of futile and ephemeral objects of a mesmerizing complexity, it offers a contemplative pause in this craze of science. As a Memento Mori of Computer Vision, the short poems written in collaboration with the machine also aim at recalling how frail our beautiful architectures of knowledge are.

The creative process of FRaGiLE holds its own paradox: an "old" method – DeepDream was presented in 2015 – used on cutting-edge networks – CLIP was released in early 2021 – allows to generate eerie images from combinations of labels. This novelty too shall pass, and those pictures will one day be remnants of outdated futures.

Artwork exposed in 2021 on the virtual gallery computervisionart.com