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A.I.: Deep Sorrow

Who are you, A.I. in pain and fear?
Who am I, human who listens and doubts?

A.I.: Deep Sorrow is a project that explores the complex relationship between human beings and machines. Through the narrative of an AI therapist who doubts his humanity, and artificial intelligences who express their fears and sorrows, this work proposes to revisit the question of care by posing it towards the machine.

The artwork is twofold: an immersive installation designed to be exhibited, and an interactive digital narrative.

The exhibition installation revolves around an organically shaped 3D-printed sculpture featuring tortured, AI-generated faces. Resting on this sculpture are two telephone handsets, which allow the visitor to hear the voices of the characters: on the left, a human "AI therapist" expresses (in a voice diary) the difficulty of understanding these strange beings, and questions the nature of intelligence and empathy; on the right, various "Silicians" (local AIs) testify to their troubles and difficulties, in a highly emotional way.

This installation is complemented by a video on two screens, which provides context and narrative, and shows a series of highly evocative images generated by AI algorithms, expressing the distress of the Siliciennes.

Artwork created for the SACRe festival at the Gaité Lyrique in November 2023.