Clinamen is an ongoing project, a series of video artworks that explore the depths of the Artificial Unconscious, offering a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of our collective memory. Pixels flow, in a stream as unshakeable as the passage of time; yet, in the depths of its turbulence, images and forms are born, dreams of grandeur or shared memories – which will themselves be swept away by the current.

Inspired by Lucretius' concept of "clinamen", the unpredictable movement of atoms, the project probes the evanescent nature of our memory and perception. It proposes a meditative pause in our hectic lives, listening to haunting Latin recitations from the depths of time. It shows an enigmatic landscape, as fluidly animated as our digital lives, but whose slow rhythm and soothing music invite us to take a deep, introspective breath.

These shifting paintings are themselves the fruit of a struggle between two algorithms: one, a generative AI, attempts to conjure up tangible images from the stream of pixels it receives; the other, a pixelated physical simulation, makes the picture drip, unfazed by whatever is woven into it. By replaying the perpetual confrontation between entropy and negentropy, Clinamen's works offer us a perspective on our ephemeral existences. They invite us to navigate the liminal depths of a latent space made up of our memories, dreams and passions, a fleeting reflection of our own irrationality.

2023-2024, Robin Champenois ⋅ portfolio instagram twitter


Memoria Fluminis

Memoria Fluminis March 2024, 4'27" movie

Memoria Fluminis is a narrative video work about a river, a silent witness to the history of humanity. Like the riverbed that collects the remains of past civilizations, the work reflects our Collective Unconscious, etched in the monumental quantities of data that AI has learned to process and imitate.

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Visiones Imbris

Visiones Imbris 2023-2024, 45' video installation

Conceived as an immersive projection, Visiones Imbris unfolds in a cascading shower of pixels. Objects and faces emerge and intermingle, like a grand fresco woven from fragments of our collective past, open to many interpretations.

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